Willamette University MBA Advising Questionnaire

Due August 1st

The information you provide on this questionnaire will be used to help our career management, advising and student affairs staff plan programs that meet your needs and interests. This questionnaire should be completed and submitted by August 1st. Thank you!

Note: Although you may have submitted some of the information on the questionnaire during the application process, information included in the application process is stipulated for the use of the individuals involved in admission decisions and was not identified as information that would be released to faculty or other staff.

Demographic Information

*Last Name (Family Name)
*First Name
*Do you prefer to be called by a name other than your first name?

If yes, by what name do you prefer to be called?
*Country of Citizenship
*State/Country of Residence
*Undergraduate Institution
*Undergraduate Degree
*Undergraduate Major
Undergraduate Minor (if any)
Graduate Degree/Major (if any)


*What are your top three major reasons for pursuing the Willamette MBA?
*Top Reason
2nd Reason
3rd Reason
Additional information, if applicable:
*In which of the following subject areas are you most interested?
*Top Interest
2nd Interest
3rd Interest
If other, please describe:
*What were some of the most valuable classes, activities, programs and hobbies that you have participated in? Why were they valuable?
*Briefly describe the career services activities in which you have partcipated. (College services or private coaching)
List any experiences you have had traveling outside of your home country. Include names of countries you have visited
List any experiences you have had living, studying or working outside of your home country for periods of three months or longer. Include names of countries, length of time, and major activity
*What is your first language?
If other, please describe:
List any additional languages you read and speak comfortably.
List any academic or professional honor societies of which you are a member. i.e., Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, etc.
*What do you consider to be your professional and academic strengths? i.e., Communication skills, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, computer skills, quantitative analysis, etc.
*What is the single most important factor you will use to determine your success as a student in the Willamette MBA program?
*What do you think will be your biggest challenge in the Willamette MBA program?
*What are the top three skills you are most interested in developing during your MBA?
*Top Skill
2nd Skill
3rd Skill
If other, please describe:
*Are you interested in participating in student professional organizations?

To help us better understand your career manangement needs, please answer the following three questions.

Describe your ideal career position. If you are still exploring, please feel free to skip to the next question.
*Please describe the process you went through to secure your most recent job or internship.
*Please explain what you want to gain or learn from career management at the Willamette MBA program.

As an MBA program, we are required to provide data for national and international surveys. Data is provided on a mean and median basis and individual data is not shared. The parameters/definitions as to how data is defined or counted are based on industry standards. Please answer the following two questions to help us respond to surveys.

*How many months of full-time work experience have you had since completion of your bachelor degree? If none, enter 00.
*What was your most recent volunteer or paid employment position?
Please enter your position title and employer or N/A if not applicable.
* What was the annual salary (approximate U.S. dollars per year) of your most recent full-time work position? If none, enter 00.
Please provide any additional information you would like our career management, student affairs or faculty advisor to know at this time.
i.e., Background, goals, requests for specific assistance, concerns, etc.